A unique concept

in France

Reunite and entertain the whole family around unique shared moments

My Dreamland is a new indoor park concept, with the promise to reunite and entertain all the family members around exceptional moments by creating an“ enchanted factory of memories”.
My Dreamland is much more than a magic forest! It is a new generation playground, to have fun, learn and share experiences all together.
My Dreamland is the kind of dream that everyone needs, young and old; the dream which we all dream of and which, in our time, would like to be able to take itself for reality.
Sharing, relaxation and complicity, more than an enchantment, My Dreamland is a dream. An awakening dream that amuses and enchants each generation.
A shared dream that interests everyone, that carries, that shapes and that structures, a dream we will remember.

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My Dreamland

à Osny

Come visit us in Osny, only 30 km away from Paris and the Charles de Gaulle airport.