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Bubble pool

In this multicolored LED bubble pool, we only want one thing : splash around without getting wet, dive in up to the neck and let only the nose to stick out.
While diving in this multicolored world, your child’s imagination will be stimulated by an infinite number of adventures.

Our bubble pool has both relaxing and sensory virtues. It allows your child to learn how to evolve in an unsteady but secured environment, linking the visual to the tactile experience, with a kinesthetic dimension (position and movement of the different body parts)


Digital ball wall

Digital ball wall is one of the classic favorites in the virtual world. Children love it. The goal is to throw balls against the digital wall to touch the targets and characters who appear, as fast as possible.

This amusing and interactive game encourages physical activity and develops the eye and hands coordination.
It can be played alone, with a friend, in teams or with parents.
The themes and backgrounds of our games are various and constantly modified. They can also be personalized, in order to create unique experiences with every visit. 


Workshop space

Drawing, DIY, sculpting.. this little workshop area is specially dedicated for creativity. Mosaics, modeling,  decorations: what can be more fulfilling than using your own hands as a tool for creation, in order to produce unique art pieces?

Participating in a creative workshop is learning simple techniques and putting them immediately into practice, and by doing that, you may also discover some unexpected talents. In short, it’s a place where all your projects become a success! 

Draw Alive - digital drawings

Draw Alive allows your children to realize their artistic dreams. 
Thanks to this interactive art installation, they can create their own characters by using physical and virtual elements.
It's educational, surprising and yet intriguing at the same time. First we draw creatures on paper, then we scan them and see the magic happen: the drawings will come to life, in a collective masterpiece which will be digitized. Everyone will be able to admire the drawings on the public screen!

Interactive slide

At My Dreamland, we love to give space for imagination, creation and immersion into a fantastic world. A dynamic slide?! That’s a brand new way to be entertained! 
An interactive sliding with astonishing diverse scenes and keen images which trigger different effects, sounds, lights, and shadows while hurtling down the slope.

Interactive wall games

Playing creates great memories! 
Those kind of memories which will remind us about good times in best company. 

At My Dreamland, we bring playful value to every game area, and even on the walls! 

Educational game systems allow to develop children’s cognitive skills and encourage them to resolve problems and find solutions. Sorting, rotation, puzzle and educational games : these games incite children to anticipate and think.

Every tactile game will surprise children with a new challenge, also allowing them to play in teams.


Interactive floor mat

When the floor becomes an interactive area, children will invent stories and dream about jumping between the rocks to avoid crocodiles, or play football like real champions, or dance on a dance floor just like real disco stars…

With the interactive floor, their imagination comes to life!

An interactive game to play alone or with friends.
Imagination is stimulated and the energy canalized!