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Reunite and entertain the whole family around unique shared moments

My Dreamland is a new indoor park concept, with the promise to reunite and entertain all the family members around exceptional moments by creating an“ enchanted factory of memories”.
My Dreamland is much more than a magic forest! It is a new generation playground, to have fun, learn and share all together. My Dreamland is this dream we all dream of and which, in our times, we all strive to take for reality. 

My Dreamland is a real family experience, a dream well inscribed in our modernity, where parents, parents-in-law, grand-parents, children and accompanying persons have fun and are entertained all together.
A getaway spot which offers unique family moments in a fabulous setting, full of immersive environments. A dream at the edge of technology, a state-of-the-art dream that builds us with the elements of today, through educational, artistical, psychomotor and sensory activities.

Sharing, relaxation and complicity, My Dreamland is an awakening dream that amuses and enchants each generation.  A shared dream well inscribed in our modernity, that carries, that shapes and that structures, to finally prove that everyone has a place in the extraordinary. 

My Dreamland is much more than a kids playground or a "nursery", it's more than a fun park. Children and adults come here to spend enriching, useful and above all, cherishing moments.
My Dreamland offers different entertainment areas: a sensory baby space dedicated to the little ones aged from 1 year to 3 years old, an interactive playground for older kids, aged between 4 and 12 years old, with interactive trampolines and digital climbing, a laser game, rooms for workshops, birthday houses for themed celebrations, and a new family concept restaurant.
My Dreamland, the dream you will remember!

Baby Area (from 1 to 3 years old)

200 square meters and a large range of activities for all babies’ thirst of discovery! The games at My Dreamland give the taste of learning, they are specially conceived to discover the world around them, to develop their motricity, favor their intellectual development (observation, reflection, concentration) and most of all, develop the relationship and the interaction between adults and children. 

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Toddler Area (from 3 to 5 years old)

At My Dreamland, we love to let imagination flow, develop creativity by emerging its visitors into different fantastic worlds. It is educational, surprising and intriguing all at the same time. Driven into a colored world, your child’s imagination will be stimulated by an infinite number of adventures. Multisensorial LED bubble pool, digital slides, interactive floor,  interactive walls, here you will find everything to allow your child to learn how to evolve in an unsteady but secured environment, binding visual skills and tactile experience, all in a kinesthetic dimension.  
The themes and backgrounds of our interactive projection games are diversified and frequently modified in order to create unique experiences and surprise you with every visit! 

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The Fun House (from 5 to 12 years old)

At My Dreamland, it’s a total energy release! 350 square meters to run, jump, climb and touch targets to win points! The Fun House is a last generation interactive playground. It is specially conceived to get children acquainted to the modern world which surrounds them.

All along this playful course, they enhance their imagination and affirm their personality by interacting with others. The digital climbing wall will make them climb at the top of imaginary volcanos and the interactive trampolines with built-in targets will give them a new jumping experience, like never seen before! All at once, children can jump on the trampolines and find new sensations thanks to different games and applications which make trampolines become, for the first time, interactive! 
Suited for all sizes and levels!

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Laser game
(6 to 12 years old)

Are you ready for a fabulous experience ? Then, you are ready for the laser game at My Dreamland! In a surprising setting, you choose your team players, you camouflage yourself, establish strategies, you aim and win as many points as possible !
You test your reflexes and develop your team spirit by sharing excitement and laughter ! 
Good luck to everyone and congratulations to the winners ! 

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Birthday parties

Every year, starting by the very first one,  the birthday of your child is a true event. This is his special day and you want to make it unforgettable, just the way he dreams of it and even better!

At My Dreamland, organizing parties is our true know-how. Don’t bother blowing up balloons for hours, we offer you the perfect place and the best organization, with a delicious menu, a yummi birthday cake, themed birthday rooms, a unique immersive setting and several entertainment options.

Pirate, princess, mermaid or superhero, by choosing a theme together with your child, you will both enjoy the reservation process.
Easy to choose and customize, see how fast it is to book a party directly on our website and get to your dreams in just a view clicks!

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More than just a discovery moment, the workshops at MDL create connections and friendships. For children, the Slime, Multi-sensory or CreART workshops, offer a wide range of colorful creative activities; they help getting rid of anger, bring calmness, reinforce self-confidence, filling children with joy, developing their creativity and stimulating their concentration. Our Dream Workshops offer several thematics to develop your kid’s super powers and techniques to be used for the entire life!

For adults, we offer Snack Meetings and Social Cafés,  where parents and futures parents can discuss and share their experiences. It’s the ideal moment to exchange tips for a more relaxed family life.
Specialists from a wide range of domains as pediatrics, psychology, psychomotricity, nutrition and pedagogy will be present to answer all your questions.

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Let us share with you our magic recipe:
200 square meters and a seasonal terrace, different areas dedicated for every kind of situation: a family or friends reunion, a chill space to relax or to work, a well-dressed table for breakfast, dinner or simply a corner to have a drink while watching kids play. 
Meals based on seasonal products, sharing plates, healthy and tasty menu, perfectly balanced food for kids, all in a very convivial atmosphere!

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