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Parents, children, families, at My Dreamland we love to support and accompany parenthood by proposing different activities to share precious moments between parents and children. We favor intergenerational relations and parental intuition. Our family workshops are a source of information and support for parents, a time to share and get entertained all together.

Family Sophrology 

Evacuate your anger, install the calm, reinforce self-confidence, get rid of sadness, fill up with joy, stimulate concentration… 

All the themes can be discussed and worked out! Time for exchanges, dynamic and soft relaxation practice, creations and drawings… Superpowers to use for a lifetime ! 

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Baby Language

Learn the sign language of your baby before even he starts speaking. Very trendy, this method will help you understand your baby before using proper words. 

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Pilates with baby and family yoga

This session is intended to regain physical activity, strengthen muscles, in depth but very gently.

You can come with your baby, and it is the perfect opportunity to meet other new parents! 

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Grandma’s tips 

Learn about knitting and crochet!
You will learn the basics in knitting, to be able to make beautiful creations in just a few knobs! Our Mrs. TRICOT will talk about her grandmother's tricks to help young parents to put their babies to sleep faster, make sores go away, relieve minor pains, find the best remedies, make recipes and discover a multitude of other secrets !

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Puppets show

Discover the incredible story of My Dreamland and its magical characters! 

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