From 5 to 12 years old

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The Fun House

This house is just amazing! 350 square meters to run, jump, climb and touch targets to win points ! 
It’s a total energy burner! 

In the Fun House, you’ll also find a last generation interactive area. This is to open children to the modern word which surrounds them! 
Throughout this playful course, they enhance their imagination and affirm their personalities by interacting with others. 


Interactive trampolines

Interactive trampolines you’ve never seen before ! 

Children can jump on the trampoline at the same time discovering new sensations thanks to diverse games and built-in applications, which transform the trampolines into interactive ones. 
For all sizes and all levels!


Interactive climbing wall 

A climbing wall like no other! Playful and innovative, for younger and older ones, this is a unique experience between game, athletic challenge and immersive reality. 

This interactive climbing wall is perfect to alternate between jumping and climbing for a complete physical activity, at the same time developing child's agility.

Laser game

Are you ready for a fabulous experience ? 
Then, you are ready for the laser game at My Dreamland!

In a surprising setting, you choose your team players, you camouflage yourself, establish strategies, you aim and win as many points as possible !

You test your reflexes and express your team spirit by feeling strong sensations and sharing lots of laughter !