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New procedures regarding the actual situation of the COVID-19

MDL established strict rules to efficiently fight against the propagation of the coronavirus in the park and restaurant area. On top of the strict sanitary regulations put in place, MDL continues to take necessary preventive measures, in collaboration with the local sanitary authorities.

In order to maintain and reinforce the sanitary security of our park, the following measures have been taken:

- Increased cleaning frequency and disinfection of all the park and restaurant areas. The cleaning of hand doors and disinfection of every space are made at least every two hours

- Systematic cleaning, washing and disinfection of the toilets, kitchen, indoor and outdoor installations after the park closes

- Sanitary gel available everywhere in the park. It is mandatory for parents and children to wash or desinfect their hands as soon as they enter the park

- Mandatory distance of 1 meter between people in waiting lines 

- For the employees, we put on disposable gloves that are now mandatory to serve food and drinks, as well as sanitary masks and disinfection gel

- Our mascots will be behind strings, so that our visitors can see them but not touch them

- Government information will be displayed on our information board everywhere in the park

- Reduction of hand-contact by putting in place automatic terminals for ticket sales

- The employees of the park received a special training dedicated to the sanitary measures in the fight against the propagation of coronavirus.

- Staff recruitment (including groups audition) are mostly done digitally, as well as most of our trainings (webinars and e-learnings) 

- Creation of Health Records for each employee, updated daily

- Mandatory use of face masks and gloves for the service staff, work clothes washed regularly

- With the continuous support of our staff, My Dreamland gives all its priority to the security of our clients, so that we can continue to bring smiles and happiness to every visitor!


Our Dream Team regularly monitors its play areas to allow children to freely enjoy the fun in complete safeness. My Dreamland’s playground areas were conceived and designed according to the most recent security measures to avoid any risk to the safety and health of the users within the framework of a normal predictable utilization.
Nevertheless, adults still have to look for their children; a quick check may often prevent greater dangers. We would like to draw attention to parents to always monitor their children, in particular, while letting them play games which evolve height, considering the risks of fall. 
Our equipment security requirements are exercised throughout all the procedures such as fabrication, import, detention, notice of sale, materials distribution, as security depends on both conception and maintenance of the playground areas.

Our playground areas are regularly examined and monitored by audits, with certificates of conformity, periodic maintenance, in order to be in compliance with all the regulations.

Our main regulatory requirements are:

► Equipment: markings of compliance with “essential safety requirements”

► Layout: marked safety zones specific to each play area, cushioning floors

► Flooring: regular check of the flooring conditions, ensuring the high risk areas coverage with appropriate damping materials

► Displays: communication on the age ranges recommended by the manufacturers, warnings on the risks associated with inappropriate use

► Environment: absence of allergic plants, toys made of high quality materials, ecological paint

► Documentary obligations: My Dreamland maintains an up-to-date file including upkeep and maintenance plans, a register listing all monitoring interventions and proof of equipment conformity.

Ultra Safety in Ultra Cleanliness

My Dreamland is a new generation park, which pays an extremely high attention to its indoor environment, so that all contaminants, even the smallest, are continuously eliminated in order to ensure the most optimal indoor air quality. Yes, just like in hospitals and surgery rooms!

A ventilation system that removes 99.9% of germs and allergens from the air, including the flu virus, without any use of chemicals.

Indoor air pollution has a variety of adverse health effects. These effects vary according to the exposure time, the level of pollution, the age and the sensitivity of the exposed occupant. Allergies, respiratory infections, carbon monoxide poisoning ... If you do not ventilate it properly, your home can become "sick", increasing the risk of infections.

My Dreamland is mobilized to underline the importance of breathing good quality air, adopting good practices to fight against air pollution.


99.97% of germs, allergens and particles are easily and safely removed
- Healthier indoor air improves our cognitive abilities (such as concentration and memory) and reduces absenteeism due to illness
- Clean air, free of harmful substances and strong odors. Tests show that our air purifiers remove 92.1% of particles up to 0.011 microns
*US IBR LABORATORIES tests 02/10/2014

My Dreamland has opted for regular maintenance of these ventilation systems. Air hygiene is one of our major concerns, and it is for this reason that our choices are based on innovative filtration technology to offer a flexible and efficient solution to problems related to interior air quality.

The law on the national commitment to the environment has made it compulsory to monitor the quality of indoor air in certain establishments receiving sensitive public.
This obligation applies the dates below:
January 1, 2018: collective establishments for children under six, nursery schools and elementary schools
January 1, 2020: leisure centers, secondary education or vocational training establishments: middle schools, high schools, etc.


Airbone disinfection(DSVA)


Airborne disinfection (DSVA) is a means of disinfection by creating a mist diffused in an enclosed space and deposited on surfaces. Disinfection by air makes it possible in particular to reach areas deemed to be inaccessible: surfaces that are too high, hidden or even closed. Our technicians are trained and empowered to clean and disinfect all types of surfaces by following the latest quality and safety standards.


Our park is supplied with 100% green electricity

Green electricity contributes to the development of renewable energy while acting for the planet.
My Dreamland has chosen to use 100% green electricity and in this way participate in the financing of the development of renewable energies to a greater extent.

* What is green electricity?
The so-called “green” electricity refers to all the ways of producing renewable electricity. These forms of production such as biomass, geothermal, wind, hydro and solar power each year produce a large amount of electricity, which is then distributed by renewable electricity suppliers.