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A new adventure, the most beautiful one!

Comfortably installed in our lounge sofas, in a dedicated space, future moms and dads can enjoy our workshops: 

Social Café

Social Café is a support group to exchange subjects such as breastfeeding, vaccination, alimentation during pregnancy, the choice of a stroller, a child car seat, a bathtub for the baby.. and many other  interesting subjects for future parents. 

But it’s also the chance to meet new people , widen your network and make new friends. Every Social Café is animated by our special guests, professionals in the concerned fields. 
Social Café also offers weekly meetings such as “The Little Breakfast of the Futures Moms” or “After work of the Futures Parents”.

Follow our calendar and register for the next events.

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During pregnancy, the posture of the future mom changes, which can provoke pain and dizziness. 
This prenatal Pilates class intended for future moms, combines muscular strengthening and soft stretching. 
It’s meant to help them keep in shape during this period of major changes. 

All the exercises, on balloons or with circles are executed in harmony with the breathing. 
It’s an excellent way of living your pregnancy and serenely prepare for labor, while enjoying goods moments in a group or with your partner.

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Prenatal singing

The fetus is surrounded by sounds, including the voice of his mother. He’s capable of perceiving them by skin contact. His intern ear can be stimulated starting from the fifth month, and he truly hears all the sounds in the last month of gestation. 

The words and sounds that have been sung during the pregnancy will enter the deep memory of the baby, as a fingerprint on his personal identity.

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Exercising Yoga during pregnancy allows the future moms to learn how to relax all along their maternity, keep their flexibility, stay connected to her feelings and her baby. 
She also learns how to breathe correctly, and prepares for an easier labor.


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